Stolen vehicles are things that seem to happen only in the movies, and most of us feel invincible to them in real life situation. However, before you know it, someone you know or you may become the victim of vehicle theft, damage, or robbery. You may like to ask yourself why these things happen, or what you may have been able to do to avoid this kind of awful scenario. Nevertheless, despite all the information, and techniques that professionals may tell you to protect your car from such occurrences, sometimes things just happen. Occasionally, stolen vehicles or a robbery may depend entirely on the type of vehicle you have. In actual fact, there is a list that is produced every year to demonstrate which vehicles are most often the victims of occurrences like these. The connections between these common occurrences may be several things, from unique characteristics, specific parts, or look, price, or even geographical location. Based on the figures from stolen vehicle recovery service, top-of-the-range vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz make up the majority of cars stolen and recovered in 2017. When your Vehicle is stolen what can you do?

Contact the Police

You should contact the police as soon as possible using the non-emergency 101 number although if you consider the situation an emergency then you can use 999. The police may decide not to send an officer out and your issue may be handled via the telephone. You will be given a crime reference number – you'll need this when you contact your insurance company to inform them what has happened or if you want to claim back your car tax. Then the police will tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (the DVLA) about the theft and if the vehicle is found.

Inform Your Insurance Company and The DVLA

Inform your insurance company of what has happened as quickly as possible and keep them informed of any developments. They will explain what you need to know and how you can make an insurance claim. As soon as your insurance company pays your claim, you have to inform the DVLA that you no longer own the vehicle and send a letter to the DVLA providing information about the insurance company, the date of the claim and the following information about your vehicle:

• Registration Number
• Colour
• Make
• Model

If your vehicle has a private registration number and you would like to keep it, you have to get it back before you inform the DVLA you no longer own the vehicle.

Get A Refund On Your Vehicle Tax

The DVLA will cancel your car tax as soon as you inform them that you no longer own the car – if necessary this includes cancelling your direct debit. Why you have to get Private registration numbers back? It can be possible for you to get a private registration number back if the following apply:

⦁ DVLA must have recorded the vehicle as stolen for at least 12 months but no longer than 3 years.
⦁ The car must have been taxed and had an MOT at the time of the theft.
⦁ You must have reported the theft situation to the police.

Kindly note that you cannot get a personalised registration number back if you claimed on your insurance and informed the Driver DVLA that you sold the vehicle to your insurer. Consequently, next time you go out to purchase a new car, be careful what kind of car it is. This may or may not determine whether it will become the target for thieves or vandals in the following year, however it might be a fantastic idea to be aware of the statistics before you make your final decision. In order to help your car escape the hands of these thieves, do all that you can to secure it at all times. Take advantage of the door locks, security systems, and other devices to ensure the safety of your property. To avoid finding yourself in this unfortunate situation you should check your reg be performing a check you are doing the following:

⦁ Check vehicle owner service history
⦁ Check car number plate
⦁ Check car MOT history
⦁ Car owner check
⦁ Car details by reg
⦁ Number plate search
⦁ Car finance checker
⦁ Check car service history and any more

Are you still worried about the criminal activity in your area? Then it may be a good idea to park your car in a garage instead of just parking on the street. Take all precautions you feel are necessary to keep your vehicle from becoming one of those vehicles reported as one of the top stolen cars of this year.